What is Sublingual Immunotherapy? Sublingual Immunotherapy is method of allergy treatment that uses an allergen solution given under the tongue for the treatment of specific allergies. Over the course of treatment, sublingual immunotherapy, also known as allergy drops, reduces sensitivity to allergens.

How does Sublingual Immunotherapy Work? The basis of sublingual immunotherapy is treatment of the underlying allergic sensitivity. Allergic symptoms improve as the allergic sensitivity improves. As a safe and effective method of treating the underlying disease, sublingual immunotherapy is capable of modifying the natural progression of allergic disease. Sometimes referred to as "the Allergic March", this progression can begin with allergic food sensitivities and eczema in young children and progress through allergic rhinitis and asthma in older children and adults.

Sublingual Immunotherapy for Physicians: Western Allergy Services, in association with Quantum Allergy Compounding, now offers custom sublingual allergy drop compounding. This comprehensive, safe and effective approach to treating the broadest range of allergic patients enhances allergy treatment and gives patients a great option for treatment.

What are the advantages of Allergy Drops? Compounded Sublingual Immunotherapy reduces allergy symptoms by treating the cause of allergy. There are many benefits with sublingual immunotherapy including: • Excellent profile for safety and efficacy • Easy compliance - one dose daily • Reduced time spent for physician visits • Ability to treat a broader array of allergic patients and conditions • Reduced need for additional allergy medications

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