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About Us

Created in 1972, Western Allergy Services has established itself as the premier supplier of allergy diagnostics and allergy immunotherapy in Canada. It is proud to be a family-owned organization, who values its clients and their patients along with its employees and partners.

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Additional Products and Services

AllerDetect IgE Test


IgE Blood Sample, collection, storage, and shipment times are critical to ensure accurate and reliable results

IgE Blood Serum samples have a half-life of 3-4 days, a common crux of serological-based allergy testing.


Independent clinical publications have proven Dry Blood Spot (DBS) samples are stable up to 84 days.
Once received, our new fast track analysis will get results back sooner.
AllerDetect provides your clinic with reliable, accurate IgE blood testing 
for food and environmental allergens. 

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Relax Bedding

Relax Bedding products offer the highest protection against dust mites and their allergy-producing dander. The tight weave construction offers an effective allergen barrier.  The encasings wrap the entire mattress with a zipper block to protect against allergens and provide a healthy, restful night's sleep for allergic or sensitive people. 

Unlike similar products, Relax Bedding encasings are breathable and made of 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton. No heat-inducing or moisture-causing synthetic materials or uncomfortable linings to interrupt sleep.


Clinically proven to dramatically reduce allergic symptoms, Relax Bedding is registered as a Class I Medical Device. 

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