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Allergy Immunotherapy & Diagnostics

Subcutaneous (SCIT) Allergy Immunotherapy


Our unique order form enables you to clearly select the amount of bulk antigen used in the compounding. There are 2 choices depending on the sensitivity of the patient. Standard dosage can be selected and is the volume of bulk extract at the indicated strength to provide a full therapeutic dose based on the North American practice parameters. There is a second option of a half dose for SENSITIVE patients. There is also the option of a custom strength.

Sublingual (SLIT) Allergy Immunotherapy

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Our SLIT orders are compounded at a dilution of total concentrate (Divided by the total allergens used) The volumes of the extract are indicated on the form and your prescription will arrive with a fill receipt indicating again the exact volumes and strengths of allergens in the vial. We offer either a custom compound form or a standardized form based on North American practice parameters.

Venom (VIT) Immunotherapy

Image by Jonas Allert

Western Allergy

address the issues of patient awareness, testing, reliable access, and availability of venom immunotherapy.

Scratch Test (SPT) Diagnostics


We offer a list of over 200 available allergens for SPT testing. Please contact us for a complete list, prices are subject to availability.

For testing, scratch test needles are available at industry-low costs.

Please contact us for a list of available allergens and pricing.

Order Forms / Shipping Times

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Our Order forms are available and editable online. Please upload either via fax, email, or directly through our website. Turnaround time varies from 3-4 weeks for SCIT Immunotherapy, to . 1-2 Weeks for SLIT

Dosage Schedules 

Annual Check-up

Each name-patient immunotherapy order is provided a dosage schedule including information regarding strengths, build-up, maintenance, and missed dosing. The schedule is available as a tool for phyiscians to use when creating their patient's treatment plan. 

In addition to our standardized schedules, all documents can be customized to the physicians request.


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Western Allergy is proud to offer competitive pricing and true value for service.

Contact us at Western Allergy for further pricing information.

Relax Bedding


Relax Bedding products offer the highest protection against dust mites and their allergy-producing dander. The tight weave construction offers an effective allergen barrier.  The encasings wrap the entire mattress with a zipper block to protect against allergens and provide a healthy, restful night's sleep for allergic or sensitive people. 

Unlike similar products, Relax Bedding encasings are breathable and made of 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton. No heat-inducing or moisture-causing synthetic materials or uncomfortable linings to interrupt sleep. Clinically proven to dramatically reduce allergic symptoms, Relax Bedding is registered as a Class I Medical Device.

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