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Trusted Supplier of Allergy Immunotherapy & Diagnostics for 50 Years


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About Us

Created in 1972, Western Allergy Services has established itself as the premier supplier of allergy diagnostics and allergy immunotherapy in Canada. It is proud to be a family-owned organization, who values its clients and their patients along with its employees and partners.

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Additional Products and Services

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Relax Bedding

Relax Bedding products offer the highest protection against dust mites and their allergy-producing dander. The tight weave construction offers an effective allergen barrier.  The encasings wrap the entire mattress with a zipper block to protect against allergens and provide a healthy, restful night's sleep for allergic or sensitive people. 

Unlike similar products, Relax Bedding encasings are breathable and made of 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton. No heat-inducing or moisture-causing synthetic materials or uncomfortable linings to interrupt sleep.


Clinically proven to dramatically reduce allergic symptoms, Relax Bedding is registered as a Class I Medical Device. 

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