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Created in 1972, Western Allergy Services has established itself as the premier supplier of allergy diagnostics and allergy immunotherapy in Canada. It is proud to be a family-owned organization, who values its clients and their patients along with its employees and partners.


Western Allergy's mandate includes our commitment to bringing our customers the best allergy products available, excellent customer service, and on our innovation as new scientific findings come out. In 2001 Western Allergy, taking a cue from European treatment regimens, launched the first clinical trial of sublingual immunotherapy in Canada. This successful clinical trial of sublingual immunotherapy was published in the Annals of Allergy in 2004.  Click here to view the abstract.


As an early adopter, Western Allergy was the first to offer both custom compounded sublingual immunotherapy and traditional subcutaneous immunotherapy by prescription. We offer our clients the latest research on immunotherapy along with suggested dosage schedules for those new to incorporating SLIT or SCIT into their medical practice.


In addition to scratch/skin prick diagnostics, we are now providing AllerDetect


AllerDetect is a dry blood spot test for true allergy IgE in dietary and environmental allergens is being used in Canada and Australia for allergy testing.

What does Western Allergy offer?

We provide Evidenced-Based Allergy Immunotherapy and Diagnostic Services. 

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